Pretty Pet Tycoon
Dream Cortex
Genre: Games
Release Date: November 04, 2011

Here comes the sequel to the smash-hit adventure strategy game Pretty Pet Salon! Pretty Pet Tycoon sees the return of Piglina, who has moved to a farm in the countryside to face the daunting task of building a mighty business empire. There she meets a mysterious stranger who seems to have his own plans of world domination using her fruit farm!

Pretty Pet Tycoon is a charming strategy game that allows you to run a farm devoted to producing fruit. Use your quick reflexes and shrewd time management skills to help Piglina manage her farm and earn income.

Produce and package as much fruit as you can, then ship them to the market and build up Piglina’s fruity empire. Recruit farmhands, purchase new equipment, upgrade existing equipment, and manage advanced fruit-processing facilities like the Juice Factory and Candy Factory!

Are you up to the challenge? Download Pretty Pet Tycoon now!

************************************************** ************
- Made some balance changes.
- Added a news feed bar and fixed a bug in it.
- Playing iPod music while playing is now enabled.
- Added vacuum cleaner and music box.
- Added daily lucky draw.

- Fixed a bug regarding music.
- Fixed stage 2 Fruit Factory music player position.

- Fixed a crash on iOS 3.x and other crashes.

- Added a new staff, Speedy.
- Upgraded the robot staff.
- Updated the report after clearing each level.
- Fixed a bug with the robot staff not putting the goods on the truck.

- Grand opening of the Juice Café!
- New staff.
- New leaderboards and achievements.
- Added washroom, menu request, pets and rubbish.
************************************************** ************

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