List Price: $29.99 Deal Price: $29.99From beginning to end, You Have all you need, with this exciting NEW Metrokane Kit , No more waiting for red wine to breathe! and thanks to Metrokane's Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer you can open and serve your next bottle of wine immediately. This sturdy plastic pourer with transparent aerator offers easy and uncomplicated pouring. Simply insert the Rabbit aerating pourer into a wine bottle as you would a conventional pourer. You don't need a separate aerator Enjoy them to the end with the Metrokane Save-the-Wine vacuum pump, which removes the air from opened wine bottles to preserve the wine taste and bouquet. Without the vacuum seal, the oxygen-exposed wine will stale quickly, dramatically affecting the flavor. Done? Not Yet! The pump comes with two pushbutton stoppers, each of which seals the vacuum tightly.Expires Jan 21, 2012

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