Chop Chop Tennis

Genre: Games
Release Date: May 05, 2010

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"This is hands down the best tennis game on the App Store, so pick it up." - GamePro
Over 1.2 Million downloads! 1.2 Million people addicted to Chop Chop Tennis can't be wrong!

Chop Chop Tennis Local multiplayer mode is iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad compatible. Which basically means that if you have installed Chop Chop Tennis on, say, your iPhone, you can play a match against a friend who has the game on his/her iPad.

Chop Chop Tennis™ Reached the #1 downloaded sports game in over 40 countries!

Chop Chop Tennis™ is available for a special price of $0.99 for a limited time only on the App Store.

"This game is an excellent casual tennis game, one that is more fun than any realistic tennis game can be."

"Chop Chop Tennisís gameplay is beautifully simple" - The Appera

"once you have this great game installed on your iPhone, you will love this enjoyable, intuitive and frantic game." - IcellPhone

Chop Chop Tennis delivers an easy to pick up and play game that clearly earns the 'Chop Chop' title." -

"It is quite possible the best tennis game on the iPhone right now and boasts some fun graphics as well as some easy to learn gameplay which is great because gamers of any age can just pick up the game and start playing it." -

"Do not fault up by not trying out this cute cartoony tennis game." -

Fun and intuitive tennis game for iPhone!
The creators of Chop Chop Ninja and Chop Chop Runner are back with Chop Chop Tennis : The only ninja-approved tennis game available!

Chop Chop Tennis is a unique action tennis game. You hit the ball by simply flicking your finger on the screen. Chop Chop Tennis is certainly the most frantic, intuitive and enjoyable tennis game ever created for iPhone/iPod Touch!

Play as one the 8 funny, cute and aggressive tennis experts and beat your opponents.

Are you up to the challenge?

- 8 stylish cartoon characters (4 guys and 4 gals)
- 5 courts
- 3 training modes to improve your tennis skills
- 4 levels of difficulty (from easy to expert)
- Innovative gameplay
- Fast and frantic sport game
- Easy to play
- Colorful and cartoonish design
- Multiple play modes (practice, single, double, tournament…).
- Online Multiplayer mode: Use the local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth multiplayer to challenge your friends in real time.

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Chop Chop Tennis™ is a trademark of Gamerizon Studio Inc.

© 2010 Gamerizon Studio, Inc.

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