List Price: $119.99 Deal Price: $89.99 You Save: $30.00 (25%)Ameriphone uses the latest communications technologies to develop superior-quality products that truly meet the unique needs of its customers. The XL-50 model features a powerful amplifier that increases incoming sounds up to 60 dB for extra loud and clear conversations. An adjustable tone control lets you customize the amplifier for optimum word clarity; it makes similar sounding words crystal clear and easier to understand. The amplifier can be set to turn on automatically or manually every time you lift the handset. The XL-50 also features an audio output jack for connection to a headset, a neck loop or a cochlear implant. The phone's extra-bright ring flasher and super loud ringer (95 + dB) with adjustable tone let you know when your phone is ringing and a Missed Call Indicator lets you know that you have missed a call.Expires Jun 18, 2012

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