List Price: $599.99 Deal Price: $199.99 You Save: $400.00 (67%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Appearing live at your house, seven nights a week (along with mornings and afternoons, if you want): the Klipsch Quintet! These spectacular performers will play any request in flawless fidelity. They'll accompany any movie, TV show, or sporting event in perfect sync. They never need a break.

They never hit a bum note. They never show up late, or hit on the waitresses, or suddenly decide to play a 10-minute improvised solo. They just fill the room with watt after watt of rich, lifelike home theater sound. The Klipsch Quintet is the hardest-working speaker system in show business.

Matching tuxedos not included."Expires Jun 29, 2012

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