List Price: $24.95 Deal Price: $13.95 You Save: $6.00 (44%)The Original Floaties - Inflatable Kickboard and Bubble Swimming Vest Set - Lifetime Guaranteed: This inflatable float set isn't just fun, it helps kids learn to swim! The kickboard promotes strong legwork, while the bubble vest helps kids assume the correct horizontal position. Super portable, and because both swim trainers are inflatable, you can adjust the buoyancy as skills develop. Great for vacation and travel.

For ages 2 years and up, from 33-55 lbs. . These swim trainers give kids confidence, so they can relax and learn to swim. Both the kickboard and back swim vest feature dual air chambers with non-return safety valves, so kids can?t accidentally deflate them.

Never leave your child unattended And, The Original Floaties Brand is the only inflatable to carry a lifetime guarantee. Don't waste your money on other brands that use thin, inexpensive latex. There is no better quality out there than the original Floaties.Expires Jul 14, 2012

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