Every woman can revel in Petra's irresistable European elegance with this jaw-dropping accent from the United World collection. This solid sterling silver pendant features Petra Azar's patented magnetic power clasp, a new invention that offers unparalleled ease of wear while being deeply symbolic. A set of custom-made neodymium (rare earth) magnets are invisibly inserted into each side of the pendant, allowing you to open and close the necklace in the front. This stunning pendant features half polished sterling silver, half sparkling white cz pav??, with a ruby-colored red sapphire in the center.

The double-extendable chain offers unrivaled versatility: simply hold one strand of the double chain and allow the pendant to slide down to the center, allowing you the option of wearing your Petra Azar necklace short or fashionably long. Not only is this piece a perfect compliment to any black-tie attire, the tag inscription, We Are One, instills the artist's intention to create jewelry that unites and solidifies humanity in beauty, peace, and "The Magnetic Power of Love."Expires Jul 23, 2012

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