The Chariot deluxe Cougar 2 CTS carrier is an affordable modular two-child carrier system designed for active parents and caregivers who want the potential to stroll, jog, bicycle, hike, or cross country ski, with their children in tow using a single carrier. The system ships with a full-featured chassis, which is compatible with conversion kits (sold separately), that allow for the desired carrier activities. Additional features include, a single easy-to-use connection bracket type for connecting all conversion kit attachments, climate and suspension control options for passenger comfort, an adjustable handlebar, parking brake functionality, significant storage space, and the ability to transport select kit attachments with you that are not currently being used.

The customizable child carrier chassis based system that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts parents.
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Works as a standard stroller style carrier, but can also do much more.
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Compatible with a wide range of additional accessories.
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The Carrier That Allows You to Choose How to Use It

Chariot child carriers provide outdoor enthusiasts who are also parents or caregivers with a choice of how to maintain or embark on an active lifestyle, while simultaneously introducing young children to the world around them. Unlike other carriers that assume a want and need for a standard stroller, or a limiting specific variation of it, Chariot child carriers let the user assemble a carrier that can be customized at any time to accommodate several popular outdoor related pursuits. This is managed through an unique modular approach to child transportation in which the feature-rich, two-wheeled chassis which makes up the unit is combined with one of a variety of conversion kits (sold separately). The two-child Cougar 2 is compatible with all the current conversion kits available from Chariot for its adventure carriers.

Easy Kit Attachments with the VersaWing Bracket

With the VersaWing 2.0 bracket system, Chariot ensures that the customizable functionality of the Cougar 2 child carrier is always fast and uncomplicated for all users, no matter how many conversion kits are swapped in and out. Each Cougar 2 carrier contains a set of two VersaWing 2.0 brackets, integrated along the front lower edge of its chassis. Unlike other child carriers that commonly use differing types of anchoring points for accessory mounting, all conversion kitExpires Dec 4, 2012

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