List Price: $29.99 Deal Price: $15.59 You Save: $2.75 (48%)This Swiss+Tech 3-pack of multi-tools includes the Micro-Max 19-in-1 tool, Micro-Pro XL900 key ring tool, and the Transformer 6-in-1 folding screwdriver set. The Micro-Max is constructed of solid stainless steel and has a patented quick release and self-locking mechanism. The Micro-Pro XL900 is a precision-crafted, stainless steel multi-tool with an ultra-bright LED key ring. The Transformer 6-in-1 folding screwdriver set is small enough to be carried on a key ring but opens up to reveal 4 screwdriver heads. Perfect for anyone on the go--carry in your purse, pocket, glove box, or key ring.Expires Dec 4, 2012

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