PhotoAge Lite - See how old celebs and other famous people really look!
Percipo Inc.

Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: December 21, 2010
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Convinced your favorite star has just celebrated her 40th birthday for the fifth year in a row? With PhotoAge Lite, from the makers of PhotoAge, PhotoGenic, and ChickOrDude, you can find out how old your favorite celebs really look.

Simply use the search option (with either Google or Bing) within PhotoAge Lite and then watch as the apps innovative artificial intelligence engine recognizes and scans the image youve selected. When its done, the engine reveals how old the person in the selected picture looks with a high degree of accuracy. The results may surprise you!

PhotoAge Lite At-A-Glance

Search Google or Bing within the app to see which famous people are aging gracefully versus just plain aging.

Share the results through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Free Apps are usually expire within 48 Hours, as such, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.