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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and we’re trying to help our members and guests save as much money as possible! The spotlight is on Clovis, California this week as we help another member reduce her grocery bill in time for the holidays.

Analucia Wrote, I was sooo excited when I saw your link on pinterest! I need some serious help. . . I have four kids under the age of four, including twin girls that were born two months ago. I’ve had to supplement with formula because i’m not producing enough for both of them and the cost of formula is making a serious dent in the amount I would normally spend on groceries. Because of that, I really need to reduce my spending on groceries wherever possible.”

Thank you for writing in Analucia! There seems to be quite a large collection of stores available in your area, let’s take a look at this weeks deals:

Savemart Deals from This weeks Flyer (10/24-10/31)

Pork Shoulder Roast $1.49 lb
Tomatoes on the Vine .97 lb
Avocados 3/.99
Onions or Potatoes 4#’s/$1
New York Steaks $4.99 lb
Catfish Nuggets $1.88 lb
Fresh Pork or Spareribs $1.99 lb
Whole Chicken Fryers .99
Green Onions .69
Fresh Broccoli .99
Radishes .50
Gala Apples .99 lb
Starkist Tuna $1 can
Fresh Spinach $2
Tomato Sauce 2/$1

Vons Deals from this Weeks Flyer
Pork Chops $1.87 lb
Spinach $1
Fresh Asparagus $1.68lb
Whole Chicken .87 lb
Cauliflower .99
Salad $1 bag
Yams .99lb
Bananas .69lb

Food Maxx Deals from This Weeks Flyer

  • We’d love to be able to add deals, but their website is severely lacking in details!

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Deals from this weeks Flyer

Greek Yogurt .99
Pears .98
Oranges .98
Carrots .98
Whole Chicken .77lb

Alternatively, she could bring flyers (received via mail) to her local walmart and price match the other stores to save money in gas and the hassle of shopping with little ones in tow.

Foods Co. Deals from this Weeks Flyer (Oct 24-30th)
Pork Sirloin chops, Roast or Steaks .98 lb
Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs .98 lb
Gallon Milk $2.85 ea
Fuji Apples .68lb
Pears .78
Broccoli Crowns .78
Bell Peppers 2/.78
Cucumbers 2/.78
Tomatoes .58lb
Kroger Frozen Veggies $1 bag
Ragu Pasta Sauce 2/$3 (Plus 1 pkg Free Pasta)

Smart & Final Deals from this Weeks Flyer
Bacon $2.29
Whole Chicken .79
3 # bag of Apples $2.49

Potential Grocery List & Plan:

(S) Potatoes 8#’s/$2
(V) Fresh Spinach $1
(S) Avocados (3) .99
(S) Radishes .50
(S) Tuna $1. x 3 = $3.
(V) Asparagus $1.68
(V) Cauliflower .99
(V) Sweet Potatoes/Yams .99
(F&E) Pears .98
(F&E) Oranges .98
(F&E) Carrots .98
(F&E) Whole Chicken .77lb x 3lbs (average size) $2.31
(F) Pork Sirloin chops, Roast or Steaks .98 lb – 4 lb roast $3.92 & 1.5 lbs Chops $1.47
(F) Gallon Milk $2.85 ea
(F) Fuji Apples .68lb x 5lbs = $3.40
(F) Pears .78
(F) Broccoli Crowns .78
(F) Bell Peppers 2/.78
(F) Cucumbers 2/.78
(F) Tomatoes .58lb
(F) Kroger Frozen Veggies $1 bag
(F) Ragu Pasta Sauce 2/$3 (Plus 1 pkg Free Pasta) (get 1 box Penne Pasta)
(W) 1 Box Rotini Pasta $1.
(W) Bread $1.50
(W) Oatmeal $1.99
(W) Eggs 1.29
(W) Jam, Any Flavor $1.50
(W) Can of Pumpkin $1
(W) Cake Mix $1.19
(W) Sliced American Cheese $2.50(V) Frozen Veggie – Peas & carrots $1
(F&E) Salad Greens (2 bags) $2
Total Spent $46.01

Breakfast Ideas:

Lunch & Dinner Ideas:

Other Side Dish & Snack Ideas:

Farmers Markets & Other Grocery Deals:

Here are some additional resources in your area that you might not have been aware of, but may offer really decent deals on fresh local produce and other goods:

  • Bella Frutta– Offers- Great selection of fruits and veggies, nuts and more ~Website~ FB Location: 1959 N Willow Ave, Clovis, CA

  • Best Oriental Produce: Offers a large assortment of oriental veggies ~website~ Location:2747 N Sunnyside Ave Fresno, CA 93727

  • Fresno Farmers Market- Offers- varying selection of fresh produce ~Website~ Location: 1612 Fulton St, Fresno, CA

  • Grocery Outlet Bargain Market– offers brand names in groceries, frozen foods, refrigerated items,housewares, health and beauty products, fine wines and more website location:1848 Clovis Ave Clovis,CA 93612 FB

  • Lassens Natural Foods Market- Offers organic foods and bulk spices, allergen free foods and much more ~website~ FB Location: 9439 N Fort Washington Rd Fresno, CA 93730

  • Pumpkin King Pumpkin Farms– offers: Full family entertainment, starting with plenty of free parking and free admittance, In addition to offering a full variety of pumpkins, gourds, straw bales and corn stalks we have bounce houses, an inflatable slide, pony rides, and a straw bale maze ~website~ FB Location: 100 W. Shaw Avenue North West Corner of Blackstone and Shaw Avenues Fresno, CA 93704 FREE ADMISSION

  • Rancho Farmers Market– offers location

  • Sherman Produce Market– wide range of goods offered. Location: 1062 Martin Ave, Fresno, CA

  • Smith Family Farm– Offers fresh veggies, herbs, fruit and nuts ~website~ FB Location: 3108 So. Blythe Ave. Fresno, CA 93706

  • Sumner Peck Ranch offers fresh fruits,local jams, wine and olive oils~website~FBLocation: 14439 N Friant Rd Friant, CA 93626

  • The Vineyard Farmers Market– Offers- varying selection of fresh fruits and veggies, flowers and specialty items from local growers ~Website~ FB Location: 1612 Fulton St, Fresno, CA


If you happen to be from this area and know of additional inexpensive resources, please feel free to list them in the comments below so that others can enjoy them as well!

If you haven’t already, check out our eBook, “The 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month” for additional money saving tips and recipes for reducing your grocery bill!

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  1. I like that this weeks has a grocery list with prices to follow. Could you do something like this every week so we can see exactly what to buy? Or could you do a week in Omaha, NE? Thanks!

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